Muhammad Safwat Nur ud-Din was born on 20th June 1943 in Al-Malayqah village near Balbees in Egypt's Eastern Province . He completed his elementary and secondary studies in the Egyptian public schools. In college, he studied chemistry and physics and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Science and Education. As for Islamic studies, the Shaykh started quite early by memorizing the Qur'an while he was a young boy. From his youth, the Shaykh closely associated with Jama'at Ansar as-Sunnah al-Muhammadiyyah (JASM). JASM is one of the important Islamic organizations in the Muslim World that calls to full adherence to the Sunnah of the Prophet.

During the 1960s, while he was a college student, he was also a regular student of the Shuyukh of JASM. He attended the classes of the likes of 'Abdur-Rahman al-Wakil, Khalil Harras, Jamil Ghazi, and 'Abdur-Razzaq 'Afifi - both in his town Balbees and in the JASM headquarters. He also developed a special relationship with the latter and visited him frequently in Saudi Arabia until Shaykh 'Abdur-Razzaq passed away.

He received recommendations from many of the contemporary scholars, and was given permission to teach and write books. As soon as he became in charge of JASM, the Shaykh took special care in maintaining and improving at-Tawhid, which is JASM's main publication. He worked on this diligently, aided by his close companion Safwat ash-Shawadfi who passed away two years before him. He wrote numerous articles and provided fatawa on a regular basis. His writings reflected knowledge and maturity and emphasized tawhid. During his time, At-Tawhid grew strongly and became wide-spread in most countries until it reached a monthly circulation of 100,000 in recent years.

He had attended al-Qur'an was-Sunnah Society (QSS) annual conferences and functions on numerous occasions and gave several advices to the organization. He was always concerned about the Muslims and keen to present advice and da'wah to them in the most effective ways. He would always meet others with a wide smile, calm and cheerful attitude, and overwhelming kindness. He was very clear and mature about organizational and leadership matters. He provided QSS numerous beneficial advices in this regard.  He would present his arguments in a friendly and convincing manner. His talks combined knowledge with affection, and they had a special power of moving the hearts into action. He strongly opposed raising issues that would unnecessarily bring division and hatred among the Muslims. When he mentioned the great scholars of JASM or other Muslim 'ulama, he would praise them extensively and bring out all their good accomplishments and good works. At the same time, he would never praise himself or list his accomplishments, even while discussing relevant matters, such as the way the JASM leadership is conducted. The banner that he always raised and frequently uttered was: Our manhaj is the kitab and sunnah with the understanding of the salaf of the Ummah. The Shaykh was respected and loved by the contemporary 'ulama of the Ummah, such as Ibn Baz, Al-Albani, Al-'Uthaymin, Ibn Humayd, As-Sabil, Al-Fawzan, and many others.

Title Category Size Length Save
Ahl-us-Sunnah Among Others (12th QSS Conference - 1998) Sunnah (Orthodoxy/Prophetic Way) 9.83 Mb 56:56
Arabic: a Tongue & a Being General 15.5 Mb 1:30:11
Du'a & Sabr: Tools of Strength (5th JIMAS Conference - 1994) General 12.2 Mb 1:11:09
Families in the Qur'an (10th QSS Conference - 1996) Marriage & Family 12 Mb 1:09:53
Financial Transactions (12th QSS Conference - 1998) 'Ilm al-Iqtisad (Economics) 14.5 Mb 1:24:39
[The] Fruits of Tazkiyyah (11th QSS Conference - 1997) Tazkiyyat-un-Nafs (Purification of the Soul) 12.9 Mb 1:14:51
Iman (3/10/97) 'Aqeedah (Creed/Tenets of Faith) 11.6 Mb 1:07:31
Khutbah: Do We Know Allah? (13th QSS Conference - 1999) General 6.11 Mb 35:17
Methodology of the Prophet in Tarbiyyah (13th QSS Conference - 1999) Tarbiyyah (Development & Education) 13.6 Mb 1:19:14
Shaytan & His Tricks Tazkiyyat-un-Nafs (Purification of the Soul) 6.85 Mb 39:33
Transcending Time Targheeb wa't-Tarheeb (Incitement & Intimidation) 16.6 Mb 1:36:47
Verdicts Pertaining to Breastfeeding (5/26/02) Women 15.7 Mb 1:31:22
Women's Session Part 1 (13th QSS Conference - 1999) Women 11.1 Mb 1:04:25
Women's Session Part 2 (13th QSS Conference - 1999) Women 8.16 Mb 47:12

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